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News from Middle Tennessee's Jewish Community | Sunday, June 23, 2024
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Jaffa Letter to the Editor, June 2024

Where are our USA Jewish Community Voices? 

As I listen to the way the Israel war is depicted on TV, I get more and more concerned. Where are the USA Jewish Community voices? How can Israel negotiate with a terrorist organization? 

I hear Israel doesn’t abide by International Rules of War. How could Hamas enter a peaceful concert kill and capture innocent children and adults? How could they kill infants, children, and unarmed adults? How could they hold innocent children and adults as hostages for so long?  Where is the voice of innocent people? Why aren’t our leaders speaking up more clearly? 

I hear all the time on TV, what would it take for Israel to end its operations in Gaza. Why don’t I hear what would it take for Hamas to release their Israeli prisoners? What would it take for Hamas to stop bombing Israel? Why does Hamas teach their children that Israel should be destroyed? 

The newscasters talk about Israel bombing schools and hospitals.  Why don’t they talk about the tunnels that are underground at schools and hospitals and their strategic offices under them? I don’t understand why the Palestinians use their people as human shields. Why don’t they talk about the money that was given to them for food and goods that were used to build tunnels?  Imagine if they built schools, parks, factories, etc. with that money.   

I’m a member of a lot of different Jewish organizations. Where are our leader’s voices? Why are the Palestinians voices louder than ours? I’m hoping that someone will organize our Jewish voices. Am Yisrael Chai!     

Marsha Ross Jaffa 

Nashville, TN 


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