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News from Middle Tennessee's Jewish Community | Saturday, April 13, 2024
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Metro Council Passes Resolution Denouncing Nazi March

Last month, Nazis took to the streets of downtown Nashville, waving swastikas and chanting anti-immigrant, antisemitic, and racist speech. It was the latest in a rising tide of antisemitic and hate incidents sweeping Nashville, and the country. Tennessee lawmakers denounced the incident, with one, Rep. Justin Jones (TN 52), holding a press conference in the immediate aftermath.

Speaking at the press conference were metro council members Jacob Kupin of District 19, and Sheri Weiner of District 22. Kupin said, “When you for one of us, you come for all of us. We’re here again, and again, and again, and we’ll keep coming here again, and again, and again because hate has no place in our city, it has no place in our capitol, it has no place in our state, it has no place in our country.”

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Weiner shared a story from her childhood. As an eight-year-old she had been stoned by her neighbors while walking home from her Memphis public elementary school. “When I saw Justin’s tweet it sent a visceral chill down my spine because I have a seven year old grandson, and a five year old grandson and I thought, ‘Not again, not now.’”

The day after the press conference, Metro Council met and Weiner and Kupin presented a resolution calling on all council members to denounce and condemn the nazi marchers and calling for unity against impacted citizens. The resolution passed unanimously. It resolution reads in part:


Section 1. That the Metropolitan County Council goes on record unequivocally and, in the strongest terms, condemning and repudiating the vile actions and sentiments expressed by the neo-nazi marchers.

Section 2. That extremist groups, hiding behind masks, marching the streets of Nashville chanting destructive and hostile hate speech telling immigrants they are not welcome here while waving nazi flags have no place in our community.

Section 3. That the Metropolitan County Council reaffirms that Nashville is and will remain a welcoming place for love and peace. Hate has no place in our city, state, nation, or world and Nashville rejects those who wish to spread hate.

Section 4. That the Metropolitan County Council stands together with those who are impacted by these horrific messages and commits to confronting agendas of hate and hostility.

Section 5. That while these actions were meant to instill fear, they have had the opposite effect, bringing communities together to unite against hate.

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