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News from Middle Tennessee's Jewish Community | Sunday, March 3, 2024
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February in the Galleries: Featured Works by Cindi Slaughter, Analesa Berg, and Marty Welch

Cindi Slaughter.jpeg
Decorama, by Cindi Slaughter

The Janet Levine March Gallery will feature the work of Cindi Slaughter, a mixed media and collage artist who calls Nashville, Tennessee home. She grew up in Birmingham, Alabama, earning a bachelor’s degree in art at the University of Montevallo. She worked as a designer during the early years of her career and has continued to do freelance work and commissions over the years.

Heavily influenced by 20th century modern art, Slaughter’s art has hints of modernism, abstract expressionism, and pop art. She prefers working with an assortment of media as she believes it is analogous of the life experience – pieces of this and that from here and there assembled to make the whole.

The JLMG2 Gallery will feature the work of Martin J. Welch. Welch received his BFA in Printmaking from Murray State University and later an MA in Functional Design from Murray State University. He has been a professional woodworker for the past 35 years while continuing to make art in various mediums.

Welch’s recycled wall clocks combine his current interest as a cycling enthusiast. He utilizes recycled bike components as design elements. His work as a custom woodworker provides a variety of “off-fall” materials available that he rescues from the waste stream, creating functional, one-of-a-kind works of art using otherwise throw-away materials. The only purchased items in the clocks he creates are the actual movements and a bit of spray paint.

Martin Welch.jpg
Green Clock, by Martin Welch
Analesa Berg.png
Shalom, by Analesa Berg

The Sig Held Gallery will feature the art of Analesa Berg. Berg, MSW, MATS, comes from a long-line of Kabbalists (Jewish Mystics) and a background of using healing arts to help people reach their full potential. These influences, as well as her years of living internationally as a cross-cultural consultant, are evident in her body of work as an artist. Berg’s desire is to bring people together beyond differences and to share joyful energy through her colorful and spiritually infused paintings so we realize more peace in our world.

Berg spent 30 days in silence during which she created 23 gouache paintings of Hebrew Letter Mandalas which she calls The Alphabet of Vibration. These paintings have been featured in galleries, healing centers, synagogues, and Jewish Community Centers around the United States. Berg also wrote and performed a one-woman show called “The 23rd Letter” which told the story of creating The Alphabet of Vibration through the lens of her ancestors and life experiences. Since moving to Nashville in 2021, Berg’s art has expanded to include mixed media paintings done with acrylic and collage. These new works invite the viewer to expand perspectives and live their lives fully in new and joyful ways. Berg is an inspiring keynote speaker, singer, and facilitator of heart-centered, safe spaces for men and women to trust their inner wisdom and courageously live life with as much love as possible.

The Senior Gallery continues to feature the art of Marilynn Derwenskus.

The House gallery features the Under One Roof collaborative exhibit.

The Artist Reception will be Wednesday, February 7th from 6 – 8pm.

The Exhibition Dates are February 2 - 29th.

The exhibitions are free and open to the public. Attendees will need sign in at the front desk. For more information, contact the GJCC at 615.354-1699, Curator Carrie Mills at, or go to

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