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News from Middle Tennessee's Jewish Community | Monday, Feb. 26, 2024
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Pilates at the J in our New Mind/Body Studio

Nestled inside Nashville’s Gordon Jewish Community Center is the newly opened Mind/Body Studio. In this welcoming space the J invites its members and the greater community to experience a mindful movement practice called: Pilates. Whether you are a novice exerciser, recovering from injury or an experienced athlete the JCC is the perfect place for you to practice Pilates. 

How can Pilates be beneficial for such a diverse population?  

It is because Pilates focuses on and teaches the principles of: Breath, Centering, Concentration, Control, Flow and Precision. 

Each class, private, or duet session is specifically set up to teach these principles through thoughtful movements. The Pilates movements or exercises, and their sequences are then able to be tailored to the people in the classes, adjusted to meet you where you are that day and help you to reach the goals you have from your Pilates practice.  

In short, no matter your level of fitness these principles will help you to connect with your body and in turn help you to live in your body with more freedom. People who practice Pilates speak of having reduced pain, feeling more flexible and finding that they are building strength, balance and coordination with each session.  

Mat Classes: The foundation of Pilates is the mat class. Here you build an understanding of the Pilates exercises and principles. These classes are the perfect place for a beginner to learn the basics and for a more advanced Pilates practitioner to fine-tune advanced exercises. At the J mat classes are held in the group fitness studio and are included in membership. 

Tower Mat Classes: Tower mat classes take the flow of traditional mat exercises and add a level of challenge and support through spring resistance. The springs help teach the body to activate its muscles, helping to increase strength, balance and flexibility. At the J our tower mat classes are limited to 6 people so you will be able to receive individualized support from your teacher as needed. 

Reformer and Other Pilates Apparatus: During private and duet sessions you have the opportunity to utilize the Pilates reformer, the Cadillac, ladder barrel, Wunda Chair, and highchair. Like the tower, most of these pieces use springs for resistance, however each one provides a different level of challenge or support to the body depending on the exercise you are practicing. In private and duet sessions your Pilates teacher is able to support your individual body and needs more closely than in a group session. Similarly, it is in a private session that you can work on the specific needs of your own body with the undivided support of your teacher. It is here that you can make even bigger strides towards your personal movement and exercise goals.  

Currently the JCC has three classically trained certified Pilates teachers: Janelle Cisneros, Laura Hibbard,  and Mary Pellett. To be certified these teachers had to complete at least 600 hours of training and since have all taught Pilates for many years. Each has worked with a variety of clients ranging from people who work all day at a desk, to professional athletes, and parents of young kids to older adults who have lived many lifetimes. The JCC is proud to have these skilled Pilates teachers on staff to teach you, support you and help you on your wellness journey. 

For more information, to see the class schedule and to purchase a Pilates class package, private, or duet visit 

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