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Letter to the Editor, December 2023

To the Editor: 

A few Sundays ago a group of avid gardeners led by Melissa Sostrin, Debra Carmichael and Marsha Raimi met at the Nashville Holocaust Memorial to prepare the soil for a new addition at the Memorial site. We are planting gardens which will include native plants to attract butterflies. Butterflies are in recognition of the 1.5 million children murdered in the Holocaust. They represent rebirth and hope.  


During our prep work at the Memorial, we discovered a note left on the main plaza area and secured by one of the Memory stones we provide for visitors to honor those inscribed on the 12 Memorial walls.  

We were nervous about opening the note given the tension and fear that sadly permeates our Jewish lives. 

But as we read the message, we shed collective tears for the compassion it conveyed.  

Soon we will be celebrating the 18th Anniversary of our Memorial.  Indeed, we have much to celebrate because we have hosted and provided tours for thousands of visitors. Some come in groups and others alone. They can be led by a docent or do an audio self-guided tour.  

The note, which was left for us, sends a glimmer of light which confirms that our Memorial has made some impact and we are not alone in the journey towards creating  a caring, compassionate world. In reality, we will not always know how our visitors respond to visiting the Memorial . But this note, which I share with you, as with others I have received, leaves us hopeful in these trying days that we are not alone. We hope that we have made some difference in individual decisions, thoughts, and lives.  

If you have not visited the Memorial, I urge you to take the short journey up the hill at the Northwest corner of the GJCC parking lot. If you would like to organize a tour, please contact Marsha Raimi through our website

May we go from Strength to Strength. May we continue to receive support and affirmation from our neighbors. We must be responsible for eachother and this note affirms this important lesson. 

Felicia Anchor, Chair 

Nashville Holocaust Memorial 

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