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News from Middle Tennessee's Jewish Community | Friday, June 21, 2024
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Catholics, Jews Bond over Challah, Soup

What do challah and soup have to do withA Walk-through Bethlehemat St. Henrys Catholic Church?  

Last year, West End Synagogue members Norm and Rinah Hamburger were asked by a Catholic friend to help make the event feel authentic.The couple baked a batch of mini challah rolls, gave the church Rinah's lentil soup recipe and brought over some pottery shards they had. A sign noted the rolls and pottery were from West End Synagogue. 

The Hamburgers visited the site and were asked if the rolls were matzah! They used the opportunity to do a bit of education. 

This year, the church asked if the couple could provide a bunch more of the hit-making challahs. Norm pitched the idea to Rob Stein who heads the WES Social Action Committees Nashville Food Project baking and prepping team. Members of the team, Norm, Rinah, Rob, Rami Weismark, Esther Lee, Risha Arkovitz and Kitty Calhoon were enthusiastic. In one afternoon in the WES kitchen, they turned out 900 rolls.  

When Norm took them to the St. Henry's contact, she effused, "We so appreciate our Jewish friends!" Not bad for these times.  

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