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News from Middle Tennessee's Jewish Community | Monday, Feb. 26, 2024
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When Things Happen

A universal fear of everyone is the thought of losing control of our decision-making abilities and our independence. Most of these fears center around our financial and physical health. Will I save enough for a comfortable retirement? What if my retirement nest egg runs out before I do? What if I have a major medical event that prevents me from consenting to my own medical treatment?   


Some of these questions are answered in a new audio series called “When Things Happen,” which will be available soon on the social media platforms and YouTube channel of the Jewish Federation of Greater Nashville.  


This initial audio series features five members of the Professional Advisory Council (PAC).  Michael Levine and Eva Pulley talk about the importance of saving consistently by joining an employer’s 401(k) plan or setting up an IRA. Mindy Hirt explains how an endowment fund, called a Donor Advised Fund, allows the donor to decide which charitable organization will receive a distribution from the fund.   


Ralph Levy will introduce you to “Mort and Mabe,” fictional characters that demonstrate what happens to your will when it is filed in probate court. John Dodd explains what you should think about before agreeing to be an executor of a will or a trustee of a trust. He also debunks four myths about financial advisors. 


The Professional Advisory Council (PAC) is sponsored by the Jewish Federation of Greater Nashville as a service to the community.  PAC members are accountants, financial advisors, attorneys, and licensed insurance agents and membership is open to individuals with at least three years of professional experience in their area of expertise.  


PAC members volunteer their time to answer general questions about estate planning and philanthropic giving at seminars, webinars, and now in the new audio series. PAC members are also available to assist individuals who wish to retain their professional services by entering into a client relationship with the PAC member. 


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