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Just like that, another year is beginning its slow retreat into history. The year 5781 will be one for the records, one of much uncertainty and disarray, and very soon we will welcome the New Year of 5782. The season of the New Year is upon us, a time of stock taking and introspection. The l…

The Surfside Tower & the Founding of Our Nation

It has been several weeks since the East Champlain Tower collapsed in Surfside, Florida. It has been several weeks of anxiety, heartfelt prayers, and an unending wait hoping to finally hear some good news. Families have been waiting to hear the outcome of the search and recovery effort. I …

Pew Study Finds US Jewry is Shifting Profoundly and Chabad is on Rise 

The recent Pew Jewish Population Study finds Chabad involvement is growing. Some 40% of American Jews have some involvement with Chabad, and the younger the demographic, the higher the number. Previously, the study organizers did not look at Chabad as a demographic, but this year it fig…

The Secret of Chabad

One day, my phone rang. 

 “Is this Chabad?”

“Yes,” I replied.

“My name is Lisa from New York. A friend of mine is driving through Nashville and her car won’t start.” 

I have to admit, this was a first for me.

Nashville is a hot spot for tourists and is also a city with …