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Congregations High Holiday Schedule

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How Much Do I Need to Save to Have One Million Dollars at Retirement?


By Mike Levine

How Much Do I Need to Save to Have One Million Dollars at Retirement?

$1,000,000. All those zeros: seems like a great goal for retirement! So how do I get there? Albert Einstein said, “The most powerful force in the universe is compound interest”. He also called it…

The Temple Announces New Preschool Director

We are excited to announce that Moon Bishop will be the next Director of The Temple Preschool. Since agreeing to serve as our Interim Director last December, Moon has provided steady leadership, skillfully guiding our school through an unexpected transition and ongoing COVID-19 challenges. …

The Temple/Pardes Institute Partnership Bring Learning to Nashville

For many Jews, the idea of text study evokes memories of long afternoons spent in Hebrew School classrooms reciting the aleph bet and rote learning the Shabbat prayers. Upon completion of Bar or Bat Mitzvah, Jewish learning often falls off the schedules of busy teens and young adults. Keepi…

Jewish Pride and Unity: Stronger together

National and international headlines continue to report far too many stories about antisemitic incidents and attacks.  Locally we have been relatively fortunate so far, but we are not immune from these concerns.  The inherent danger of this Jew hating monster cannot be underest…

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