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Letter For The Jewish Community Of Nashville

Three years ago, I left everything I knew and went on a plane to Nashville. Never imagined that I would stay here for 3 incredible years, meet the most amazing people, and have the most meaningful time of my life!  

There were a lot of ups and downs, and unexpected challenges we all ha…

My Mission to Hungary

By Maya Shoham, Director Hadera-Eiron and Southeast Consortium

Since its establishment in 1929, the Jewish Agency for Israel (JAFI), among other functions, has played a vital role in the return of the Jews to their historical homeland of the Jewish people. JAFI’S unit for Aliyah, Absorpti…

July 2022 in the Gordon JCC Galleries

The Work of Lauren Karp, Kelley Schmitt Rice, and Camp Davis Art.


The Janet Levine March Gallery will feature the work of Lauren Karp, a Nashville-based fine art photographer who specializes in creative nature photos. Raised in the bucolic countryside of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Laur…

Witnessing Ethiopian Families Reunite in Israel

Aron Karabel (l), and his group In Ethiopia to escort new immigrants to Israel

Ethiopian Jews matter. They are integral to the larger flourishing Jewish community and global Jewry conversation. They are a beautiful people with a rich history and culture that deserves our admiration and at…

Abby Landa Receives 2022 Kehilla Award

By Skylar Haas


Abby Landa receives the 2022 Kehillah Award.

The Kehillah Award, formerly known as the Ralph Shepard Award, is given annually to a high school senior that has shown a positive attitude, maturity, achievement, and participation in our Jewish community as an outstanding …

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