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People of the Books: Reviews by Elyce Rae Helford

The Promised Land (1912) by Mary Antin (public domain, free at and Bread Givers (1925) by Anzia Yezierska (Third Edition, Persea Books, 2013, ISBN 978-0892552900).

As the descendent of Ashkenazi Jewish foremothers from the Pale of…

Retirement Tool Box

LET’S TALK RETIREMENT (…because it’s not just about the money!)

A Technology Vocabulary Quiz

(How many of these words can you explain?)

Phishing               Server

The Cloud            Sync

Gif Keyboard       Gigabyte

I’ll bet you’re wondering why I’m ta…

Health and Wellness Corner - POSSIBILITIES

I remembered falling asleep last night thinking about waking up in the morning to write about possibilities. As soon as my eyes opened, I grabbed my journal and pen, gave a quick tummy rub to Ziggy the Fluffy Dog, and settled myself at the kitchen table ready to write. Possibilities. Thanks …

Dear Esther - November

Dear Esther,

A dear friend of mine died tragically a few years ago and I am having a hard time getting past it. While most days I manage just fine, there are moments when I unexpectedly feel tearful when I think of her. I see that mutual friends appear to have moved on and I can’t help bu…

Kvetch In the City - November

Swipe right. That’s right. I’m swiping right. And not on some stranger in the ether.

I’m swiping right on gratitude, giving thanks, and living life to the fullest.

That’s right. You heard right.

Okay…enough with the rights already…you get it.

Since my mid to late fifties, it…

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