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Boy Scout Troop 87: “We Remember”

By Richards Hills

As the Scoutmaster of Troop 87 of Belle Meade United Methodist Church, part of my job is to provide a program that follows the, “Methods of Scouting,” which emphasizes the building of values and character in these young men and women. Consistent with the program’s go…

Beit Miriam@ West End Synagogue Honors Students

By Sharon Paz

In a moving End of the Year Closing Ceremony on Sunday, May 2nd, West End Synagogue’s Beit Miriam student, Sawyer Stein was presented with the 2021 Simon and Alven Ghertner Award for Excellence in Hebrew. 

 Sawyer Benjamin Stein, son of Danielle and Bryan Stein and gran…

Akiva Graduates Host Annual JED Talks

By Elly Ebin

After a school year that has been anything but conventional, Akiva was proud to host an intimate in-person and COVID-safe graduation ceremony for the Class of 2021. As graduation drew near, students spent time reflecting on their years at the school and the skills they have dev…

Nashville’s LIFE & LEGACY Program Reaches a Milestone

In May 2021, the Nashville community was recognized by the Harold Grinspoon Foundation for successfully completing four years in the LIFE & LEGACY program.  During the past four years, more than 370 donors have made after-life commitments totaling approximately $22 million after having a co…

The Secret of Chabad

One day, my phone rang. 

 “Is this Chabad?”

“Yes,” I replied.

“My name is Lisa from New York. A friend of mine is driving through Nashville and her car won’t start.” 

I have to admit, this was a first for me.

Nashville is a hot spot for tourists and is also a city with …

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