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Witnessing Ethiopian Families Reunite in Israel

Aron Karabel (l), and his group In Ethiopia to escort new immigrants to Israel

Ethiopian Jews matter. They are integral to the larger flourishing Jewish community and global Jewry conversation. They are a beautiful people with a rich history and culture that deserves our admiration and at…

Abby Landa Receives 2022 Kehilla Award

By Skylar Haas


Abby Landa receives the 2022 Kehillah Award.

The Kehillah Award, formerly known as the Ralph Shepard Award, is given annually to a high school senior that has shown a positive attitude, maturity, achievement, and participation in our Jewish community as an outstanding …

Newcomer Highlight July 2022

Paula Brandt

In my work as the Federation's Newcomer Engagement Associate, I meet so many Jews who are moving or want to be moving to Nashville. They come from all sorts of places for all sorts of reasons, and we bring them into Nashville’s Jewish community through our monthly Newcomer …

Health and Wellness Corner July 2022

“If you don’t like the weather in Nashville, just wait a minute.”

This morning marks one year since my move to Tennessee. The summer sun is dancing through the picture window of my living room as I sip my morning coffee. It’s 87 degrees and I'm keeping cool under the breeze of the…

Leslie Kirby Remarks

We raise money, we give money away. If I had a dollar for every time I’ve heard that phrase this past year, I’m not sure we’d need an annual campaign!

We do indeed raise money and give money away. I’ve been serving as the 2022 campaign chair, and I’m pleased to report that this ye…

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