Young Leaders Council Provides Tools for Success in the Nonprofit World

 The Jewish Federation’s Community Engagement Associate Eitan Snyder, participates in Nashville’s Young Leader’s Council

Working in the Jewish community, just like working in the world of nonprofits, involves living with a certain state of tension. On one hand, the Jewish community expects and deserves a certain standard of excellence, competence, and relevance in its organizations' operations. On the other hand, a Jewish communal non-profit, like all non-profits, is meant to serve the needs of its target audience, which sometimes (read: most of the time) can be messy, complicated, and unpredictable.


Over my 11 weeks of training with Young Leaders Council (YLC) on everything from communication to fundraising to managing conflict, I acquired amazing tools and philosophies that I and my cohort of up-and-coming non-profit board and staff leaders in Nashville, can apply to wade through that tension. As I go into the year-long board internship that is part of the program, I would encourage anyone in their 20s and 30s in Jewish Nashville to apply for the chance to join YLC. Through this program, Jews in our community will have the opportunity to learn some best practices for effective non-profit management that we can bring back to our community and to be the "Or La'goyim,” light unto the nations, sharing the beauty and wisdom that our people has to offer to our city and its leadership.


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