Young Adults PAC Followup





Nashville Young Leadership members join together with Michael Levine from the Levine Group, who is also a member of the Jewish Federation Professional Advisory Council (PAC), to learn about investments, insurance, and staying out of/getting out of debt. It was the first event in the “#Adulting : Professional Advisory Council (PAC) Series-Professionals Help Simplify Your Financial Journey.” Alex Brown, who helped plan the event, said, “#Adulting was the type of event that NowGen has been missing. Our future leaders were excited to listen to Mike and Zach discuss everything from retirement planning and contributions for those in the early stages of adulthood, to how to save to donate. Everyone was engaged and clearly felt they were learning very important information.” Jacob Kupin, the event’s host, agreed, “It was exciting to see a group of engaged young Jewish professionals learning tools for their financial future in a small group environment. I’m excited to see more programs and events like this in the future.” This program was organized and presented by the PAC and the Acharai committee, a sub-committee of the Now Gen Young Leadership group, and was sponsored by the Joe Kraft Professional Advisory Program Fund and the Harris A. and Diane Gilbert Area of Interest Fund for Education housed at the Jewish Foundation and the Kupin Group.  Jacob Kupin and Hayley Levy hosted the evening at their home. The next event will take place in the spring.


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