Writers of the Lost Ark May 2022


Writers of the Lost Ark is made up of Temple members who love to write poems, prose, songs and stories. The group meets once a month to discuss works in progress and get feedback, creative encouragement and new ideas to write about. Members also share things online during the month and are very interactive with each other between meetings. And yes, Writers of the Lost Ark is a play on “Raiders of the Lost Ark,” only this is The Temple’s version!

Here’s a sample of WOTLA’s musings. Check back again for more of their creativity in the future!





Roads to Ponder

by Rise L. Tucker


Some folks age like fine wine,

they mellow o'er the years, go down easy.

Others age like vinegar, turn sour and hard to swallow.

They fight tooth and nail; advice they assail

"It's my life!" they wail, "I'll lead; you just follow."


Some age like soup in a pot--

They stew in their own juices.

They don't like to be stirred a lot,

Hide fear and anger in made up excuses.


Some people simply go flat

Like soda that's lost all its bubbles.

Though life remains sweet, they concede defeat

Dilute pleasure with watered-down troubles.


And some are like jam or pickles

Sweet or tart, they keep well on their shelf.

They're not hard to please or fickle

But they don't get out much by themselves.


Ah… But others take their years like a salad!

They happily welcome life's toss


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