Writers of The Lost Ark June 2023

“Being faced with the reality of the horrific actions of the human species to each other and the earth, alongside our admirable advances in civilization over the centuries, I chose to express my personal notion of G*d in a poem, in hopes of expanding an optimistic perspective that does not preclude doubts or disasters.” Richard R. Forberg


G*D is in the Wisdom


G*d is in the wisdom of the elders

passed down over the millennia

remembered and told repeatedly

in spoken languages created for the purpose

then written in letters on lasting substance.


G*d is in the love of the parents

conceiving and nurturing their children

living and sharing the values of community

with the benefits of respect and peaceful exchange

among the families, tribes, cities and nations.


G*d is in the actions of the children

innate and learned, born and unborn,

so full-of-self as they grow, then

suffering the pains of self-fullness

they may struggle and so find the wisdom.


G*d is in the searching of scientists

when careful, honest and enlightened

and only then, able to see and know

what was never seen or known before

about the creation of it all.


G*d is in the busy-ness of the people

all intuitive inventors of their world,

failing and finding better ways to live

for themselves and others as they seek

to barely survive or stumble on riches.


G*d is in the messengers and prophets

but also in the false prophets,

who painfully teach us to think for ourselves

and learn who to trust among those

promising easy answers and unearned results.


G*d is our ability to know and speak,

to fail and learn, to teach and prosper

then expand and pass that wisdom

through endless generations

of imperfect people.


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