Writers of The Lost Ark- January 2023

Writers of the Lost Ark

Every month, members of Writers of the Lost Ark meet to discuss their work and often there’s a lively discussion about their inspiration. The November gathering was no exception when the topic of our flag and our country came up. This poem, started by Martin Sir with contributions by Ruth Thomas, Rise Tucker, and Nina Pacent, reflects that spirited discussion.

Go Ahead

I love my flag, my country, its people

In all its colors, temples and steeples

Olympic gold, school pledge

Triangle fold to honor the dead

Hand over heart we’ve bled

Too many times

A sign of distress when flown upside down

Not all feel safe when this flag is around

From Wounded Knee to bended knee

Divided on what it means to be free

Oh say can you see

What we should do now?

How do we mend Old Glory, repair her tarnished past?

Too many lives have perished; her colors must hold fast

To face our faults takes courage

But we can’t let ourselves be hostage

To mistakes we’ve made that will haunt us

Unless we can move on

As a nation we’ve been a beacon

Rich in culture for a reason

And we can be once again

No, it doesn’t have to end

So, go ahead, my friend,

I’m listening


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