Writers of the Lost Ark August 2022

Writers of the Lost Ark will be holding a public showcase on Wednesday, August 3 at 7PM on Zoom. The event will feature songs, stories, prose, and poems about peace and renewal in preparation for the High Holy Days. Please look for the link on www.thetemplehub.org, and join us for this very special evening of creativity. In the meantime, enjoy this poem by WOTLA writer Ruth Thomas inspired by the upcoming showcase theme. 


The water evaporated in the July heat 

So hot it boiled away and shrunk the lakes. 

The geese quietly resting in the center of the pond 

Did not need lots of water, just enough. 

And they were at peace with it. 

So were the turtles because no one was there 

To ripple the water and send them scurrying. 

Looking straight ahead enjoying the setting sun 

I realized; all points are straight ahead if you are looking that way. 

Infinite points, infinite possibilities. 

The limits, we create. 

The fireflies blinking on the forest floor sparkle here, pop up there, constantly moving. 

Predict where they will glow next, and you will miss where they are. 

Peace is appreciation of realization, 

And knowing where the realization comes from. 

A breeze surrounds you when you are parched 

Like breath of the Holy it lifts sweat from your brow. 

Peace is quenching your thirst with cold water. 

Greater peace is sharing it with someone who is thirstier. 

© 2022 Ruth Thomas 




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