Writers of the Lost Ark

Writers of the Lost Ark, the Temple’s writer’s group, recently got a head start on the High Holy Days by sharing their works in a special showcase that focused on the season’s theme of peace and renewal. Here are two poems that were featured that night. The first is written by Frank Boehm, inspired by Yom Kippur, while the other is a collaborative effort of 12 writers who were each challenged to contribute two lines. In order of their creative endeavors about peace and renewal are the following writers: Nina Pacent, Rick Forberg, Betsy Chernau, MaryBeth Stone, Rabbi Michael Shulman, Frank Boehm, Becky Warren, Rise Tucker, Ruth Thomas, Loretta Saff, Martin Sir and Brennan Langenbach.

Yizkor on Yom Kippur is a special time to remember, to love, and to mourn. Let these words below be your guide:

It is time once again to close eyes and ears,

And let sight and sound around you disappear.

It is time once again to turn thoughts inward, deep within your being,

And bring those you loved, but are now gone, to life.

As your mind turns quiet and images draw near,

There they are, their presence so clear.

They appear so real, look so alive.

You can see their face that you remember well.

It is but a moment in time, yet peace flows within.

As you remember, a tear and smile coexist.

It is time once again to connect with a memory.

A time to remember and once again love.

In stillness I am reminded of all who came before me And in motion, of all who will come after It is now.... the only moment we ever have to make thoughts into action of lasting meaning Now, yes, now is the time to remember what was, and think— Yes, think about who and why and respond from the heart Because the heart is where the divine spark resides— And all time—present, past and future—is alive in it.

In stillness I imagine all that will be, And in motion, I am mindful of all who urge me forward Since it is forward we must go, As we take with us all those who came before And it is still we must become To remember who we are Yet memories can’t define all that we will be Imagination is the force behind human destiny.

The unbroken chain of hopes and dreams From past to future and in between Keeps motion forward – the choices vast Excitement mounts with each Shofar blast! Ancient sound resonates deep within Moving me forward with courage To face the grief and joy as one And pass through, renewed, to carry on.


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