Writers of the Lost Ark November

Writers of the Lost Ark is made up of Temple members who love to write poems, prose, songs, and stories. The group meets once a month to discuss works in progress and get feedback, creative encouragement, and new ideas to write about. This month, members were given a choice of prompts to inspire them. WOTLA's Loretta Saff chose to incorporate in her work the line "What I Remember Most." Here's her poem!


A writing prompt is fun, you know.

It surprises me where my thoughts go.

“What I remember most …” caught my attention But how should I answer?

What could I mention?

Then I knew… yes!

I remembered it well,

And it really makes a good story to tell.

In the early 80’s (such a smile it brings),

I was at the university when the telephone rings

“I have something to teach you Are you ready to learn?”

My friend in technology

Was trying hard to discern

If I was too busy

Or had time to spare.

It sounded like she had Something important to share.

I turned from my typewriter

And said, “Sure, I’m ready.”

She showed up quickly,

Focused and steady.

“Let’s use your new computer!”

She was upbeat and perky

I looked at her funny

“You mean quit typewriters cold turkey?”

“I’ll show you something

That sounds absurd It’ll change your life –

It’s Microsoft Word!”

From that moment on

I knew magic was real.

It worked – and saved time

Wow - this was ideal!!

The tricks all lined up

And soon began to take shape.

She said it’s easy to delete.

Don’t need correction tape!

I asked, “What about words

That I find misplaced?”

She smiled and simply said,

“You’ll learn to cut and paste!”

And wait! Is that a thesaurus?

It’s built into the screen?

I got up to dance

Wow – this could mean

If I get stuck on a word,

It won’t be scary.

And I won’t have to

Look for my big dictionary!

Don’t get me started on

Font color and size

Because that’s really when

I truly began to realize

Having this new tool meant

Time saved and new tricks.

I practiced and learned

How to master the clicks!

Now I create documents

That I couldn’t do before –

Add a drawing, crop a photo

And none is a chore!

So, when I looked at the prompt

I found the answer that stirred

Truly “What I remember most…”

Is learning Microsoft Word.

With passion from a lover of writing.


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