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Writers of the Lost Ark is made up of Temple members who love to write poems, prose, songs and stories. The group meets once a month to discuss works in progress and get feedback, creative encouragement and new ideas to write about. Members also share things online during the month and are very interactive with each other between meetings. And yes, Writers of the Lost Ark is a play on “Raiders of the Lost Ark,” only this is The Temple’s version! 


Here’s a sample of WOTLA’s musings. Check back again for more of their creativity in the future! 




By MaryBeth Stone (©2020) 



At my age, I have to avoid too much salt, sugar and caffeine.  Chamomile is my new best friend. 


At my age, I have to exercise every day.  If I don't move my moving parts...they may stop moving. 


At my age, I worry more about how I feel than how I look. 


At my age, as new ailments spring up (daily, it seems), I'm living proof of Murphy's Law. 


At my age, when a young man gives me a second glance, I figure he has an Oedipal complex. 


At my age, I rarely decline when younger folks offer to help me carry heavy packages or give up their seats for me. 


At my age, I find gray-haired men, and even bald men, way more attractive than I used to. 


At my age, illnesses and injuries take a lot longer to heal than they used to, but wounded pride and disappointment heal faster. 


At my age, I find that a good night's sleep is a better antidote to depression than a pint of Haagen Dazs. 


At my age, I am slower to anger, quicker to forgiveness. 


At my age, I no longer mind being called a girl.  I've stopped fighting to be called a woman. 


At my age, I think about my mortality so much more than I'd like to. 


At my age, I think about my parents a lot and see that Mama was usually right. 


At my age, tears arrive with an unprecedented ferocity and the line between joy and grief is often blurry. 


At my age, I might finally be learning to go with the flow, rather than


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