Wild Wild West End Night Features BBQ & Whiskey




Jason Sparks will be manning the grill to prepare a delectable assortment of smoked meats and fish for the Wild Wild West End fundraiser. 




By Debby Wiston 

Organizers of the Wild Wild West End are thrilled to announce that the evening will feature an assortment of smoked BBQ meats and fish prepared by Jason Sparks and his pit crew, as well as tastings of West End Synagogue’s very first private label Whiskey and signature craft cocktails.  In planning for the evening, event chairs Helen Crowley and Debby Wiston thought about what brings people into the synagogue and what kinds of experiences distinguish West End from other congregations. The annual BBS (Brisket, Bird, & Salmon) membership event and the popular Kiddush Club immediately came to mind. What better opportunity to highlight both of these fun aspects than at our Wild West themed Casino fundraiser? After more than a year off due to Covid, we know the congregation has missed those delicious smoked offerings.  

The crew of volunteers who work with Jason to ensure that perfect smokiness will be back at the smoker to guarantee no one will leave the event unsatisfied. And as for the thirst they will certainly have after eating the BBQ, the whiskey will not disappoint. In order to present the perfect glass, members of the Kiddush Club went straight to the distillery for a tasting. After sampling several options, they chose a special batch for our very own label. When asked about the process, Rabbi Joshua Kullock shared, “It was great visiting the distillery and sampling what will ultimately become West End Synagogue’s very first private label whiskey. I know for a fact a few of my rabbinic colleagues in the rest of the country who would be willing to not only be here for the tasting, but for the event itself.” Stuart Wiston, Kiddush Club member, is coordinating the process and offered, “On behalf of the Kiddush Club, we are glad and proud to bring our special expertise to bear in order to help with the fundraiser. We can already foresee this becoming an annual West End Kiddush Club Event.”  

A limited number of bottles will be available for purchase leading up to the event and High Roller and Jackpot level sponsors will receive a bottle as part of their sponsorship package.  Organizers anticipate the bottles will sell out quickly, so do not miss your opportunity to purchase one while supplies last. Information about reserving your very own bottle, becoming an event sponsor, or purchasing tickets can be found on the West End Synagogue website www.westendsyn.org 


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