West End Synagogue Men’s Club Presents Retirement Series

Loretta Saff presents a series of classes on Life’s Transitions and Retirement to West End Synagogue Men’s Club.

Sunday mornings in October are always busy times, and the Men’s Club of West End Synagogue added to the fun by sponsoring Part II in its’ series on Life’s Transitions and Retirement. We were so pleased to host WES’s own Loretta Saff, a Certified Professional Life Coach. She spoke to this mixed crowd of men and women on the importance of planning the many areas of life’s transitions, including leaving work, pursuing passions, spirituality, hobbies, travel among many. Participants interacted by sharing the one or two areas that they plan to be, or are, passionate about in retirement. They spoke about their work with local charities and various ways of helping others in both in the Jewish and greater Nashville communities. To thank Loretta for her wonderful and creative presentation, the WES Men’s Club will make a donation to the Nashville Jewish Film Festival in her honor.


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