Welcome to Writers of the Lost Ark March 2022

Writers of the Lost Ark is made up of Temple members who love to write poems, prose, songs and stories. The group meets once a month to discuss works in progress and get feedback, creative encouragement and new ideas to write about. Members also share things online during the month and are very interactive with each other between meetings. And yes, Writers of the Lost Ark is a play on “Raiders of the Lost Ark,” only this is The Temple’s version! 

Here’s a sample of WOTLA’s musings. Check back again for more of their creativity in the future! 

This month’s submission from members of The Temple’s Writers of the Lost Ark is the result of a writing exercise that began with two lines that were followed up with each subsequent two lines by a different writer. This is the group’s first venture into doing a shared work.  

In order of each two- line contribution are the following writers: 

Nina Pacent 

Loretta Saff 

Frank Boehm 

Betsy Chernau 

Rise Tucker 

Linda Latter 

Ruth Thomas 

Rick Forberg 

Marybeth Stone 

Becky Warren 

Martin Sir 

Rabbi Michael Shulman 


I never knew how hard it would be to get my point across 

The more words I use the more I seem to lose my train of thought 

So instead of being the engineer, the words become my guide 

Letting me enjoy the way they weave - what a fantastic ride! 


And so with open mind, I hold my breath 

And only use the words that do not die a timely death. 

Therefore, speaking those thoughts so clearly, there’s no doubt that they are heard, 

I emphasize and dramatize each thought, each phrase, each living word. 


For sometimes words can land like birds—weightless and so flighty! 

Other times they’re like the sword, inflicting wounds quite deep and mighty 

It's hard to know which ones to use, which words will be clear 

Most of the time I think to myself, aren’t you overreacting, my dear? 


And yet I know a word can be a treasure and a gift 

To soothe, to comfort, to heal a worry, to elevate, to lift 

Though we may choose to emphasize with cutting words that criticize 

The softer ones that make us smile are those we find worthwhile.  


So then why sometimes is it such a fight, just to get them out 

While other times I barely try, they flow like they're from God's mouth 

And so I hold my pen each day, to see what will appear 

Will I be an alchemist, a drudge, an engineer? 


May I always receive the muse in deep gratitude 

For the goodness I seek to express that only comes from truth 

Alone it may be difficult to get one’s point across. 

But with friends and their words inspiring us, we’re never at a loss. 


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