We will miss you, Renee!

Gordon JCC ECLC Assistant Director Renee Geltzer is retiring.

As most of you know, after many (many) years of wonderful service here at the ECLC, our fearless Assistant Director Renee Geltzer is retiring. She has been a constant force through five directors, texting parents directly about their children’s well-being, patiently reminding them “don’t forget your child’s napper,” and constantly chasing down registration forms. It is a bittersweet feeling, knowing she has put so many years of her life into our children and their families, but we are excited for this new chapter for her. We will miss her monograms, her flip flops, and most importantly, her hugs. Renee means so much to all of us here at the J, and we wanted to compile some of our favorite memories and well-wishes for our favorite person.


Renee has been so wonderful to all three of my children during their time at the ECLC preschool. We will miss seeing her smiling face every morning and wish her the best during this next chapter. – Kelly Unger, Gordon JCC Board Member & ECLC Parent


My favorite Renee memory is her bringing me a giant bag of homemade Chex Mix every time she made some, which was very often! Her caring nature always made sure that I was fed and doing okay. I definitely view her as my work mom, something I think she would be proud to be called! - Andrew Fishman, Camp Davis Director


I bet her home is the cleanest home in Nashville. This is a theory based on working with her for 21 years. She also has elevated flip flops to a fashion must!

I will miss working with her. - Carrie Mills, Gordon JCC Senior Programs Coordinator

I will miss her beautiful personality the most! Lottie Mitchell, longtime ECLC Teacher

Renee is the most organized and dirt-free human on the planet! We will miss her friendly smile and her willingness to help wherever needed! I will miss seeing my dear cousin on a day-to-day basis, but so happy for her to have time to spend with her family, and maybe sleep in for an extra hour or two. – Marilyn Rubin, Gordon JCC Administrative Assistant (and Renee’s cousin!)

Renee has been a pillar of excellence that families have appreciated for generations. She gave so much of herself to raise and uplift the children (and parents) of our community. We wish her the best and will miss the warmth and confidence she brought to the JCC. – Joel Abramson, JCC Board Member & ECLC Parent

I have had the honor of knowing Renee as a colleague, and as an ECLC parent for the last 5 years. Her care for our families never ceases to amaze me, and her attention to detail is spot on. I am so grateful that my children were on the receiving end of her love, and I will miss working with her greatly. – Rachel Clark, Gordon JCC Marketing Director and ECLC Parent

On many occasions, I believed Renee could read my mind. All I had to do was look at her and she knew. From in-service training to walking down the hallways. I could look at her and we would both just laugh (I plead the fifth on what we were laughing about.) Everyone has that one work person they can just laugh with, and Renee is that person. – Kristen Brown, longtime ECLC Teacher


There is no one better than Renee. She’s bolstered an incredible program and has become an extension of our family. Renee is a treasure, and we love her more than words. – Rachel Abramowitz, ECLC Parent

She amazes me with her never ending attire with her monogram on it, it even extends to her car!

Best wishes to you, Renee, on wherever you land next and may you be a Bubbie soon!! - Anita Howards, Gordon JCC Finance Director

We are so grateful for the years that she gave us here, and know we will see her around the J, especially at the pool this summer!

Join us at the pool to celebrate her retirement on Sunday, July 9, from 10am-2pm!


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