Time to Welcome


Naomi Becker is 6, in first grade. She met her new friends when her family went to a Ramadan dinner with one of the Afghan families. She connected to them from the first second. She was nervous that she would not be able to communicate with them, since they don’t speak English, but language wasn’t necessary. Below are her reflections. 






By Naomi Becker 

I felt a little bit scared when we were driving to our new friend’s house. I thought maybe they could be mean. But when I got there, everything changed. They loved playing just like me. They were so silly, just like me. And they were annoying sometimes, just like me. They got off their seats when they were still eating, not like me. They live in an apartment, not like me. They have no house, and they lost their country. So it’s important to give lots of love to those who don’t have a lot of stuff that they need. I felt tired and happier when I got home. I liked playing with them. 



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