The Inside Story of the Iron Dome


Israeli scientist, Dr. Ari Sacher, speaks about Israel’s Iron Dome missile defense system. 







Chabad of Nashville is presenting, “Inside Israel’s Iron Dome,” with Israeli rocket scientist, Ari Sacher, featuring an in depth look inside Israel’s missile defense system. This special event will take place at Chabad of Nashville, on Tuesday, October 12, at 7:30 PM.  “The Iron Dome project is a wonderful partnership between the U.S. and Israel that allows for there to be fewer casualties and less destruction, which is a wonderful thing,” said Rabbi Yitzchok Tiechtel, from Chabad of Nashville. “It buys Israel time and patience to be able to find a means of coming together and peace.” 

Dr. Sacher was instrumental in the creation of the Iron Dome missile defense system. He makes rocket science understandable for the layperson and has briefed members of Congress on Israeli missile defense, at the invitation of the U.S. House Majority Leader and Israeli ambassador. “Ari was the person behind the science of creating this missile defense system,” Tiechtel said. ”He is a fascinating person, so I figured we'd bring him out and hear about the missile defense system and how it saves lives.”  

This event will be hosted at Chabad of Nashville, as an in-person event. All social distancing and Covid safty precautions will be set in place. There is no cost to participate in this event, however registration is required at  


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