The First Event in Forever

By Marisa Rubin

When I started in my position as Community Engagement Associate, I was so excited to be working hands on with NowGen. I attended the 2020 Purim Masquerade just after I was hired and was thrilled that it was going to be my turn to plan and execute such amazing events for the young adults in Nashville. Well, the world had other plans. NowGen went completely virtual with everything from our big events like Rosh Bash and this year’s Purim Masquerade to Happy Hours and dinners being held via Zoom. While it was heartbreaking for me to not be able to meet most of the NowGen folks in person, on May 27th, that all changed. We had our first, “big,” in-person program. The NowGen Engagement Committee, headed by Anna Stern and Hayley Levy, had been hosting Zoom Happy Hours and finally they were able to host one in person! About 45 NowGen folks met up at Tailgate West for beer and pizza. I wish I could put into words how excited and happy they were to be together, some, like me, for the first time. This is just the beginning for the restarting of NowGen in-person events. And when I tell you our board members are ecstatic, they truly are. Young adults were some of the people who were hurting the most  during the lockdown and stay at home orders and to see them together again, happy and healthy, made my heart so full. 


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