Anxiety and Stress Reduction Program for Teens

Teens today are stressed! They are faced with more anxiety, schoolwork, stimulation, and distraction than ever before. The American Psychological Association says teens have been reporting higher levels of stress than adults. In fact, an APA survey showed that teens reported higher levels of anxiety and depression than any other age groups. Social media has also contributed to the pressure and stress that adolescents face today.

In response to increased need for stress reduction resources, Jewish Family Service will be offering a free program for Jewish teenagers on Sunday, February 5, 2023, from 9:15am-12:00pm at Akiva. The religious schools will allow their students to attend the program in lieu of Sunday school that day. All Jewish teenagers in the community are welcome to join, even if they do not currently attend Sunday school.

The program will begin with a presentation by Courtney Grimes, LCSW. Courtney is a psychotherapist who founded The Collective, a treatment center focused on healing depression and anxiety through social health. Courtney has a “whole-istic” approach to healing is to help clients focus on their own strengths and abilities to overcome obstacles.

Following the presentation, the students will pick 3 stations where they will learn more about and practice each stress reduction technique. The 5 stations to choose from will focus on Therapeutic Art (Eileen Wallach, LMSW), Journaling: Real Life Writing Prompts (Elizabeth Workman), Mindful Meditation (Judy S. Itzkowitz,PhD), and Guided Imagery (Rebecca G. Townsend, LPC).

If you are interested in volunteering or registering your child for the program, please contact Ashley Franklin at JFS or 615-354-1662.


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