Shining a Light on Antisemitism: Luciana Berger

Shining a Light on Antisemitism: Luciana Berger, Former Member of Parliament, to Speak at Federation Women’s Event

Former UK Member of Parliament, Luciana Berger, with speak in Nashville at Federation Women’s Event on April 17th.

As we continue our efforts to shine a light on antisemitism, it is important to highlight those in our global Jewish community who are brave enough to call out and stand up against hate- even if it means big sacrifices. In April we will shine a light on Luciana Berger, a former member of the British Parliament. Luciana will share her inspiring and courageous story about being forced to resign from her position in Parliament as a victim of antisemitism herself, and how she is continuing to combat antisemitism in the United Kingdom. Ms. Berger will enlighten us, teach us, and inspire all of us to stand up against all forms of hate no matter the cost. The program is open to the entire Nashville community, and will take place on April 17th, 2023, at 7pm at the Noah Liff Opera Center. Please register at Email with questions.


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