Sherith Israel to Hold First In-person English Tea Fundraiser

By Roberta Goodman 


After two years of "virtual" fundraising events, Sherith Israel is planning an in-person English tea party the afternoon of March 27, 2022. Featuring delectable English pastries, finger sandwiches and an array of teas (and potentially some more exciting "unauthorized" beverages), the party will provide both indoor and outdoor spaces for everyone's comfort. In addition, there will be complimentary babysitting for young children and programming for older children to provide entertainment for the entire family. Evan Rittenberg, President of Sherith Israel, commented, "We've had so many new members join during the Covid period that we are excited to have an event at which our growing community can reconnect and also meet new friends. And of course, no Sherith Israel event would be complete without wonderful food, this time with incredible scones and other pastries by Melissa Sostrin." Yuri Livshitz remarked "We are not planning a formal program in the interest of maximizing the schmoozing time so popular in the Nashville Jewish community that we've all missed during the last two years."  Roberta Goodman added, "The goal for the fundraiser is to match or exceed the $125,000 that we raised last year in order to fund our ongoing personnel and other operating expenses." For additional information, please contact the event organizers (Evan Rittenberg, Yuri Livshitz or Roberta Goodman) via the Sherith Israel office (615-292-6614).   


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