September 2023 in the Gordon JCC Galleries

Flower, but Golda Sigel

The Janet Levine March Gallery will feature the work of the Tennessee Watercolor Society exhibition titled: "Field of Vision." The exhibition represents the unique 'field of vision' of 33 Tennessee Watercolor Society Artists and how they interpret their world.

The Sig Held Gallery will feature the art of mother and daughter, Golda Sigel and Jilah Kalil. Sigel’s artistic vision is through color, while Kalil is always chasing the light.

Flower #2, by Golda Sige

Sigel recently moved to Nashville from Miami, Florida, where she lived with her husband and three children. She was in the first female graduating class from Wharton School of business, and was a financial officer for her husband’s business. Her father inspired her creative pursuits and she followed her passion for art.

Sigel uses contemporary materials of magazines, flyers, brochures, and more to express her feelings and emotions in a very immediate way. Typically, while reading through a magazine, something catches her eye and the collage process begins. She also saves bits and pieces of materials (candy wrappers, tissue boxes, etc.) to repurpose into her collage work, never knowing when that color or pattern is needed.

Sigel’s artistic endeavors began with fibers and fabric, from weaving and punch hook pieces to quilting, always with an eye towards the colorful. After moving to Nashville, she looked towards paper arts, with collage as her medium of choice. Her work is an immediate reaction to what she has read & what she sees, using contemporary materials to convey her vision.

Tree, by Jilah Kalil 

Jilah Kalil was raised in Miami, Florida, and has been a resident of Nashville since 1986. Kalil has always been fascinated by light and how it is reflected on surfaces. Learning about chiaroscuro as a freshman in college at Boston University, is where this attraction to capturing the light began with her painting; then, the desire to capture the light continued as she transferred to SCAD, Savannah College of Art and Design in 1984 and graduated with a major in photography and a minor in painting.

With the improved technology of the Iphone, Kalil uses this as her sole device to capture the light seen around her. Whether running in the park, taking a walk, or traveling around town, her phone camera is always with her and ready to be used. Taught in the tradition of analog cameras, Kalil does not crop or edit her images, other than to convert the digital image from color to Black and White. Her hand-colored images are how she experiences the light & moves

beyond traditional photography into painting. While never working directly in photography, Kalil has chased the light using a camera, and now a cell phone, throughout her career.

The Senior Lounge Art Gallery is in transition during this month.

The House gallery will feature the Under One Roof collaborative exhibit.


The Art Reception will be Wednesday, September 13th from 6 – 8pm and will feature jewelry by Alizah Greenberg and Chandler Cartozzo.


The Exhibition Dates are September 1 -30th. The exhibitions are free and open to the public. Attendees will need sign in at the front desk. For more information, contact the GJCC at 615.354-1699, Curator Carrie Mills at, or go to


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