Retirement Tool Box

LET’S TALK RETIREMENT (…because it’s not just about the money!)

A Technology Vocabulary Quiz

(How many of these words can you explain?)

Phishing               Server

The Cloud            Sync

Gif Keyboard       Gigabyte

I’ll bet you’re wondering why I’m talking technology in a column about the non-financial side of Retirement. It’s because I want this little quiz to get you ‘cyber thinking’ and ready for your Retirement Toolbox.

This toolbox is a good place to store hints to make sure that you’re not empty handed when it comes to one of life’s major transitions, your Retirement. In it is your first tool: TECHNOLOGY.

Some of you might already be “Geeks,” and you recognized those vocabulary words right away. Others may be relatively new to technology, while the rest just might dismiss it all with “I’m too old,” “It’s too hard,” “What do I need it for?”

But the reality is whether you are years away from leaving work or deciding what to wear to your retirement party at the end of the week, it’s important to become comfortable with technology. I’m not referring to developing your own website or creating an app. Instead, I’m talking about embracing a tool that can help you discover what you want to do. For all its overuse and misuse, technology supports two important needs in retirement: Curiosity and Connection.

Let’s explore Curiosity.

Curiosity is the ideal partner in retirement. It gives you permission to move forward and try new things. How will you spend your newly found hours and days to feel joy and find fulfillment? Ask yourself questions like, “What do I really want to do?” “What do I do that makes me completely lose track of time?”

Listen to your answers when you think, “I’ve always wanted to learn to play the guitar,” or, “I bet I could make a killer risotto.” Pay attention to that dream that asks, “I wonder if I could ever go bungee jumping?”

ENTER…TECHNOLOGY. Using technology to research the web you can:

· find guitar lessons,

· contests for the best risotto, and

· locations for buying elastic cord for that bungee jump.

Accessing information online can lead you to:

· courses for life-long learners,

· fun music that will have you doing the twist, and

· discovering that perfect new breed of dog – the “Berna doodle!”

Travel? It’s all there – locations, weather, activities, hotels, how to sneak an extra carry on, and best places for bagels. Regardless of how old you are or what you want, you’ll thank technology for piquing your curiosity and helping you learn and grow.

Let’s explore Connection.

Barbara Streisand said it, “People who need people are the luckiest people in the world.” Connection is one of life’s basic human needs. A strong feeling of closeness to someone or something is essential to happiness, especially in retirement.

If you are still working, make sure you have relationships both in and out of the office. When you retire, your office friends won’t want to meet you for lunch, regardless of your fascinating stories. Take time to think about what you really like to do and start pursuing some of those interests now.

ENTER…, TECHNOLOGY. Using technology to research the web you will:

· Discover groups of people with similar interests

(search “Meetups” in your area) some of which are:

a. biking and hiking,

b. photography and writing, and even

c. clown workshops (yes, really)

· Find volunteer opportunities that can connect you to:

a. favorite charities

b. small businesses that need mentoring

c. support for kids and teachers

· Be introduced to websites like:

a. TED Talks - lectures by specialists who share ‘ideas worth spreading’

b. TikTok - creative posts that will offer good conversation with your grandkids

c. YouTube for many inspiring DIY videos

Get started now working on your technology skills to be prepared for two very important needs in Retirement – curiosity and connection. At different times I

promise I’ll offer more retirement hints. In the meantime, put the toolbox in a safe place – it’s yours to keep.




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