Retirement April 23

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Whenever my husband says things like, “I need some toothpaste,”

“What happened to all the batteries?” and “Who used up all the paper towels?” I usually answer with “If you mean that you want me to pick up some things the next time I go out, please,


What lists do you make? Here are some of mine:

1. a ‘things to buy’ list

2. a ‘things to do” list

3. a ‘passwords’ list [shh – it’s hidden somewhere (sometimes I forget where), and it’s written in my special code (which sometimes I get wrong …)]

4. a ‘best new restaurants in Nashville’ list,

5. a ‘don’t forget these birthdays’ list, and


Where do you keep your lists? Do you remember to bring that ‘things to buy’ list with you when you go out? I do, sometimes - if I can find it!

So, since I’m all about Retirement and trying to help you have a successful one, here’s an idea for a new important list,

A ‘Curious’ list!

Hmm.. now, aren’t you curious about a Curious List?

A Curious List is a list of things you are curious about! Basically, it’s a list of ideas that ‘caught your attention’ to consider doing or learning about some day. Some things could just fall into the category of ‘maybe.’ Others could be things you want to explore further to determine if it’s worthy of your time. Here’s one:

This is different from your BUCKET LIST. Your ‘bucket list’ is a list of experiences or achievements you want to accomplish during your lifetime. It seems to come with pressure to begin working on it or feel the guilt about it. You think ‘ok, already, get on with it’ each time you look at it. Not so with the CURIOUS List.

The Curious List offers you no real commitment because the items can simply be something you once came across and wanted to pursue some day.

RETIREMENT can be that perfect


There is a secret about the Curious List. It reminds you that you should always want to keep doing and learning. One of our basic human needs is that of personal growth. This list will be full of ways for you to experience, grow, and learn in Retirement.

So, whether you are retired or not, and regardless of whether you keep it electronically or with a pen and paper, start your Curious List NOW. That way, if some days you find yourself turning into a five-year-old who says, “I don’t know what to do,” you can get out your Curious List and start exploring.


Happy Passover,



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