Rabbi Ilan Feldman coming to Nashville

Chabad of Nashville, home of Judaism done joyfully, will be hosting a weekend with scholar in residence Rabbi Ilan Feldman, spiritual leader of Congregation Beth Jacob in Atlanta, a renown public speaker, and author. Rabbi Feldman will share some of his transformational wisdom, on the weekend of January 28-29. He will address the Nashville community three times over the weekend, on a wide range of topics all relevant to our lives. 

On Friday evening January 28th, guests will have the opportunity to join Rabbi Feldman for a gourmet Shabbat dinner. During the dinner Rabbi Feldman will share a most inspiring journey that he experienced as the life as a homeless man and will present a talk, “On Sunday, the Rabbi Disappeared.” The story in a nutshell: Rabbi Feldman, who is the spiritual leader of Congregation Beth Jacob in Atlanta and son of renowned rabbi and author Emanuel Feldman, had always lived in the public eye. What would it be like, he wondered, to shed those personas and slip off the grid? With the assistance of a friend, he decided to go to an unknown destination with nothing from his past. His whole life he had an identity assigned to him. Rabbi Feldman wanted to find out how people would relate to him and how he would relate to them if they didn’t know he was a rabbi, a rabbi’s son or that he was Jewish. This was going to be his ultimate escape. His friend booked a ticket to a destination that would be revealed to Rabbi Feldman only at the airport. Hear the story of how he experienced the life of being a homeless man for 24 hours and learn valuable lifelong lessons. This will be a most one of the most interesting stories you ever heard, and will inspire you to think differently, and explore the nature of true happiness, plotting a course to help you invigorate your life with joy and inner peace. 

Saturday morning, January 29th, Rabbi Feldman will deliver the sermon, and following the service all are invited to a beautiful sit-down lunch as Rabbi Feldman will lead a discussion on Faith, Prayer and Meditation. 

Saturday night, January 29, will be the perfect evening for a night out. The evening will begin at 7:30 PM with a mystical Havdalah ceremony, followed by a melava malkah – a Mediterranean dinner to escort the Shabbat Queen for a blessed week. Rabbi Feldman will present, “The Story of the Recovery Addict and Your Life Journey.” In addressing what Judaism says about the subject, Rabbi Feldman will talk about the family as a healthy unit.  

Nashville is fortunate to have the opportunity to spend a weekend with Rabbi Ilan Feldman, as he travels and inspires so many to live a life filled with meaning and purpose, said Rabbi Yitzchok Tiechtel with Chabad of Nashville.   

The weekend is made possible through a grant from the Jewish Federation of Nashville and Middle Tennessee. All the events are free, though those who want to attend are asked to RSVP at www.chabadnashville.com.   


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