Partnership Update

Our Israel Partnership program has been active and engaged through the last couple of weeks of war in Israel.


Our partner region in Hadera-Eiron is hosting 800 Israelis from communities in southern Israel who have been displaced by Hamas's violent attacks and by the Israel Defense Forces' operations in response. The communities in our partnership region have been collecting food and clothing for these evacuees and lifting their spirits with fun activities including a music night for Shabbat.


Outside of Israel, our partner communities in the Southeast United States and the Czech Republic have been holding solidarity events and raising money to support humanitarian needs on the ground. The Partnership is also coordinating a letter writing campaign to send letters to the Israelis being hosted in Hadera-Eiron to boost morale and show support while also working on a music video of an original song of solidarity to be used for social media content.


In addition to these new activities, the Partnership's flagship programs are continuing on as scheduled. These include One2One, an English teaching program matching American Jewish teachers in the region with Israeli teen students, and Local2Global (L2G), a one-on-one exchange program for Americans and Israelis to get to know each other and build a deeper understanding of what Jewish life is like in a different country.


More information coming soon about upcoming activities. Please reach out to me at with any questions


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