Open Letter to Nashville’s Jewish Community…

Being part of the Nashville broader community and the Nashville Jewish community for the past 45 years has been insightful and rewarding. Often, we hear that Nashville has a very unique Jewish community, as it is very welcoming and open to new voices and ideas. We have certainly found that to be the case as we have chosen to participate in various aspects of this community over time.

During the past many months, Dick and I have been very focused as I was dealing with a serious, lengthy health crisis. When members of our caring Nashville Jewish community learned of this situation, numerous individuals stepped up to give us support in so many ways! A meal train was put into motion, and we were nurtured with meals frequently, in addition to flowers, reading materials, supportive conversations, phone calls and many texts to check up on my progress with treatment and beyond. There are truly no sufficient words to express our deep appreciation and love for each of you who expressed your caring in so many ways during this difficult time.




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