October in the Gordon JCC Galleries:

The Janet Levine March Gallery will feature the work of Vince Wallace. Born in Albuquerque, New Mexico in 1970, he has called Nashville home since 2005. Vince has shot in a wide range of disciplines including concept, architectural, corporate PR and portraiture, musicians and artists, editorial, and weddings. He has worked for such clients as Dreamworks Interactive and International Living Magazine. He has a BA from the University of North Texas School of Visual Art and an MA in Apologetics from Biola University. His current exhibit is titled, “Elemental.” In this series, he explores water and its enigmatic nature. It flows through all living things and although in its pure form it is clear, it reflects the world around it. Vince says, “Metaphorically, it represents our spiritual need for rebirth. The human being is constantly trying to bring order and meaning to a world of chaos and abstraction; to construct a life that makes sense in the often senseless places we find ourselves. As such, these pieces overall represent the allegory of life and meaning. Water is like the Divine. It reflects back to us a fragmented and elusive perspective of our reality, yet is profoundly engulfing, sustaining and intimately present. These pieces are titled based on this fragmented experience of reality and the Divine.”  

Also in The Janet Levine March Gallery are the sculptures of Robert Seigenthaler. Robert Seigenthaler is a Nashville, TN native who creates representative and abstract art carved from stone and wood. Using skill and imagination, Seigenthaler has a unique talent of discovering brilliant sculpture buried within interesting translucent and opaque forms. Masterfully adding texture and contour, he patiently lures each figure until it reveals its natural beauty. Robert earned a Bachelor of Fine Art degree from the Memphis Academy of Art and possesses undergraduate education from the Appalachian Center for Arts and Crafts in Smithville, TN. Spanning decades of practice, his art has been displayed in numerous group exhibitions and are popular gallery showpieces. Robert Seigenthaler Sculpture includes distinctive Marble, Alabaster, Limestone, Soapstone and various local wood.  

The JLMG2 Gallery will feature the work of Paula Licitre. Paulette has been painting since 2014. She is a self-taught artist, encouraged by the work of naive & primitive painters. Paulette studied art in college and has written over 100 art exhibition audio tours for museums all over the country. In this exhibit Paulette reflects upon her personal and intimate connection to the World Trade Centers in NYC.  

The Sig Held Gallery will feature a multi-artist exhibit titled, “The Message of Dreams.” This exhibit was inspired by curator, Carrie Mill’s lifelong exploration into the message of dreams and more recently in her group dream studies with Jungian Dream Specialist, Laura Huff. Carrie used social media to call on artists who were interested to explore their dreams and create visual representations.  

The annual art festival, Art on the West Side will take place in the auditorium the evening of Saturday, October 2nd and Sunday, October 3rd from 10 am - 4pm. The House gallery will feature the 2021 Under One Roof community wide collaborative exhibit focusing on Hope and Resilience. The Exhibition Dates are October 1 -31st. The exhibitions are free and open to the public. Any attendees will need to wear masks and sign in at the front desk. For more information, contact the GJCC at 615.354-1699, Curator Carrie Mills at carrie@nashvillejcc.org, or go to www.nashvillejcc.org.  



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