Notes from Noam January 2022

By Noam Harari, Community Shlicha

Last May with everything that happened in Israel, I started to meet with our community one on one and in small groups. We talked about Israel or just shared our feelings about the news and social media.  

I really enjoyed getting to know you and chat, virtually and in person. I received so many complex and interesting questions about Israel. And it was a learning experience for me.  

I watched an interesting TED Talk on how to listen, and I resonated with it immediately because of all the conversations about Israel. Listening is hard, especially when people share a different perspective to yours. The speaker, Julian Treasure said, “A world where we don't listen to each other at all is a very scary place indeed.” I stand by this statement.  

Therefore, I am here to listen. There is so much happening in terms of social media and news about Israel. It can be very intimidating, and I am from there. I want to be someone you feel comfortable to talk to and share your thoughts. Mainly, I want us to learn together about Israel.  

I am here! Please feel free to reach out!!!  
Facebook: Noam Harari Shlicha  
Instagram: Noam Nashville  

I can’t believe it’s my third New Years’ Eve here in Nashville. We have been through so much and, speaking for myself, I feel like a new fresh start is all we need.  

Wishing you a happy and healthy year!  




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