Moshe and Hadas Hovav, with their children Gilad and Noam

In a notable development five years after the arrival of the first Torah Mitzion Shlichim (emissaries) in Nashville, the community is eagerly anticipating the arrival of its third consecutive family. Akiva School and Kehilla High School have joined forces to warmly welcome Moshe and Hadas Hovav, along with their two young children, to become integral members of the school faculties and the broader community.


With their energy and extensive experience, the Hovavs are poised to make a profound impact on Jewish and Israel education within the schools and wider community programming. Torah Mitzion, committed to fortifying Torah study, empowering youth, and fostering robust connections to the State of Israel, has found ideal partners in the Hovavs. Hadas Hovav shares that her interest in becoming a shlicha has been influenced by her childhood, and her parents’ constant interest in shlichut. Both Hadas and Moshe firmly believe that,"cultivating a strong bond with Israel and nurturing love for the Jewish homeland is incredibly important." Moshe further expresses his hope to, "bring the essence of the Israel experience and its values to Nashville, while sharing them with the community." Moshe, a psychologist, and a veteran of the Israeli Navy, and Hadas, a physiotherapist with a background in working with special needs children, are enthusiastic about applying their experience to their roles within the Jewish schools and community.


In his ongoing pursuit to strengthen the bond between Diaspora Jewry and Israel, Rabbi Saul Strosberg played a pivotal role in bringing Torah Mitzion to Nashville. Rabbi Strosberg explains that,“One of the most effective means of bridging the gap is through the opportunity to form genuine relationships with families who embody the ideals of Israel. Shlichim have a profound impact on their communities and truly change the lives of those they work with.”


Upon their arrival, the Hovavs will receive invaluable support from Batya and Nechemya Rosenfeld, who arrived in Nashville on shlichut during the summer of 2019. The Rosenfelds will remain in Nashville for an additional year to ensure a smooth transition for the Hovavs and continue their impactful work. Batya Rosenfeld says, “We are incredibly excited to welcome the Hovavs to Nashville. Their arrival signals the

community’s commitment to Torah Mitzion values and affirms its steadfast commitment to Jewish education, Israel, and Jewish identity.”


The forthcoming arrival of the Hovav family represents a remarkable milestone for the Nashville community, solidifying its commitment to fostering Jewish education, deepening ties to Israel, and creating a vibrant and dynamic environment for its members.


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