Musical sensation Tali Yess comes to Nashville for a one-night gig

Singer-songwriter, Tali Yess, will perform at Chabad’s Genesis Campus for Jewish Life on February 24th.

The month of Adar is known to be filled with an extra dose of joy and happiness, and a month where the Jewish people have an extra measure of good luck. Haman tried to annihilate the Jewish people in Adar thinking that since Moses passed away on the 7th of Adar it is a month of bad luck for the Jews.

However, little did he know that Moses’ birthday was the same day as his passing, 120 years apart. Thus, Haman's plan failed, and instead of the annihilation of the Jews in Adar, the tables turned, and Haman and his sons were hanged in Adar. Thus, the tradition that Adar is a month of especially good luck for the Jewish people, and a month to be joyous and happy.

To kick of the joyous month, Chabad of Nashville will be hosting an evening of Blues and Rock and eclectic music, at the annual Cafe Chabad, on Sat night Feb 24th at 7:30 PM at the Genesis Campus for Jewish Life in Bellevue. This is one of Chabad's most popular musical events, a night of entertainment, music, inspiration, and good food, this year featuring international recording artist, singer-songwriter and guitar virtuoso Tali Yess -- coming to Nashville for an exclusive show.

Tali Yess is a new sensation; a second-generation singer and songwriter bursting onto the national stage of Jewish music to the great acclaim of music critics and audiences alike. His repertoire consists mostly of profound Jewish morals sung in English which is what makes his performances unique. In a rich soulful voice, he captures the hearts of the audience taking them on a journey to a special place or time in the Jewish experience.

His extraordinary talent should not surprise us since he is the son of Moshe Yess of blessed memory, a true musical legend, who created the now popular genre of meaningful Jewish music sung in English. Tali’s concert is deeply inspiring and moves you to the core of your being.

One of Tali’s father Moshe Yess’s biggest hits was the famous song “My Zaidy.” Tali decided to cover his late father’s hit song many years later. Tali says, “This was an opportunity for me to breathe new life into a song that was released before I was born. Almost four decades later I bring you My Zaidy covered by yours truly.”

Tali's original music and repertoire is vast and spans many genres and generations of both Jewish and American music. In a rich soulful voice, he captures the hearts of the audience taking them on a journey of the soul.

Join your friends and Tali Yess for a wonderful evening of music and fun at Café Chabad.

This event is made possible through a grant from the Jewish Federation of Greater Nashville.

The evening at Café Chabad will include a light Mediterranean dinner with a falafel bar, beverages and dessert. The eat n' drink all you can cost is $15.00 in advance and $25.00 at the door. RSVP at


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