Mazel Tov to the New Gordon JCC Officers and Board

JCC Board, with cutline: Mazel Tov to our Gordon JCC 2023 Board of Directors!

The Gordon JCC’s 120th Annual Meeting took place on June 4, at the J. In a meeting that coincides with a changing of the leadership guard, we celebrated the achievements of the past two years under Cindee Gold’s leadership, which included revitalizing the aquatics program, making many needed facility improvements, and engaging the Jewish community in greater and meaningful ways.


Community was a theme throughout the meeting. Leslie Sax presented a slideshow highlighting the many communities that exist separately and together at the J. Our Early Childhood and Camp Davis families, the water exercisers and adult basketball league, the Fitness Center users, and the seniors who meet weekly all enrich the life of the Gordon JCC. Our community wide programs such as Under One Roof, Nashville Jewish Film Festival, Kosher Nashville Hot Chicken and JAM Fests, Hanukkah Festival, Art on the West Side, and the Jewish Food Festival provide opportunities for those of us who have lived here for a while and newcomers alike to explore Jewish culture and engage with one another.


BBYO Regional Director and Teen Programs Director Rebecca Moriarty presented the Kehillah Award for teen leadership to community members Andrew Biller and Lily Marger. Both teens had outstanding recommendations and the committee members felt they were both deserving of the prestigious award.


Cindee Gold presented the slate of officers: Jeremy Brook, President, Dara Freiberg, President-Elect, Evan Nahmias, Vice-President, Scott Newman, Treasurer, and Kelly Unger as Secretary, and they were installed by Past-President Karen Weil.


New board members, Rachel Bernstein, Richard Cohen, Aaron Epstein, Rebecca Kaduru, Amy Braunstein McCoy, Polly Roffwarg, Jessica Roth, and Jeff Weiss were elected to join the board for their first Three Year Term. Beth Easter and Jessica Ginsberg were elected to their second term, joining Joel Abramson, Greg Averbuch, Scott Ghertner, Stephanie Kirschner, April Nemer, Alan Perlman, Laura Shmerling, Greg Zagnoev, and Jackie Zigelsky. They are a diverse Board that represents a range of participation, age groups and synagogue affiliations.


In his Presidential address, Jeremy spoke about the JCC as, “the hub, the watering hole, the Mah Jong table” of the Jewish community which partners with the congregations, Jewish Family Service, Akiva, and the Jewish Federation to create the vibrant Jewish community of Nashville.” Using the quote, “Jews are just like everybody else, only more so,” Jeremy demonstrated that, “Jews are among the most generous, the most community-minded, the warmest, the most athletic—nope, not that one, the most innovative, and the most resilient people in Nashville.

and likewise, the Gordon JCC is like the beating heart of our Jewish community—only more so. Our challenge is to understand the meaning of that ‘more so’ and continue to improve our programs, services, outreach, inclusivity, and physical surroundings to be the best living room of the community.”

A light brunch followed the meeting and attendees enjoyed being able to come together. We cannot wait to see what the rest of the year brings!


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