Let's Talk Retirement- July 2023


Here’s the quote most often heard from people

discussing plans for retirement:

“One of the main things I plan to do

when I retire is TRAVEL.”


If you have followed me long enough or simply know me well, you are familiar with the four areas of non-financial retirement I discuss, preach, talk about, and emphasize that are necessary to prepare for retirement: mental, physical, social, and spiritual.


Today I’m writing this column while traveling abroad, and I dedicate it to all of you who are saying,

“One of the main things I plan to do

when I retire is TRAVEL.”


To deal with the challenges of today’s travel, let’s talk about PHYSICAL fitness. Are you ready for what’s ahead?

We all know that Covid caused people to stay home and be cautious. Now the travel light has turned green, postponed trips are back on the books, and everyone is out searching for a new four-wheeled suitcase!


(NOTE: Since most of us would rather not check our new four-wheeled suitcase, please read my list of reminders that follows first while packing, then while practicing pulling your packed case around the house, and finally while picking it up and pretending to squish it into the overhead bin.)










Here are four reasons to focus on your fitness before your dream of retirement travel:



1 - THERE ARE HUGE CROWDS EVERYWHERE YOU GO. There are crowds at the airport, in the restaurants, on the tours, and trying to find a taxi. There are people who are short tempered and in a hurry. You will need to either keep up or move aside. Make sure you are physically fit.






2 – SOMETIMES YOU WILL HAVE TO WALK VERY FAR (like for 20 minutes!) TO GET TO A CONNECTING FLIGHT IN AN AIRPORT And, if your first flight is delayed, you may even have to jog (!) to get to the gate before the boarding door is closed. Missing the connector means you may have to spend the night in the airport. Make sure you are physically fit.




3 – ON SOME AIRLINES IT IS NECESSARY TO CLIMB STEPS TO GET ON THE PLANE. (British Airways at Heathrow Airport is famous for this). And remember your not-

checked four-wheeled bag must come up the steps with you. Or, you may just have to check the bag where it may go on its own unscheduled journey, while you hope desperately to see it show up along the baggage carousel. Make sure you are physically fit.




And one more…

4 – SOMETIMES THE WAY TO GET TO A TRAIN STATION WHEN THERE IS NO TAXI AVAILABLE IS TO WALK FOR SEVEN MINUTES. (This really happened to me.) Seven minutes later, the station is in sight. But so are the three flights of steps to get to the station! If you are in shape, this Sisyphusian* challenge for you and your new four-wheeled friend that now includes several treasured souvenirs might just be manageable. Make sure you are physically fit!



(This scene is real, from Como, Italy, 2023.)



Those are four very good reasons that I always ask you about physical fitness as you prepare for retirement. Travel is exciting, educational, interesting, and fun. It may be harder

today, but when you are physically fit, you will be better prepared to handle ‘stuff’ that can happen. I wish everyone a fun summer full of friends, family, adventure and very few travel challenges.





*In Greek mythology Zeus punished Sisyphus by forcing him to roll a boulder up a hill for eternity.


P.S. I’d love to hear your travel stories and how glad you were to have physically prepared for the challenges and the fun. Tell me: loretta@coachingwithloretta.com


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