Kvetch in the City-October 2023

Let’s just say, I’m burning sage.

Let’s just say it would be appropriate to call the dating App Hinge “Unhinged”

Let’s just say, the app is no longer on my phone.

Let’s just say, I’ve come to the realization that dating someone for one and a half months at this age is the equivalent to dating one year in dog years which as everyone knows counts as 7.

Let’s just say, I fully surrender and consider myself done with the whole life strategy of dating mishigas.

As one of the seniors in the TGIT lunch program at the J said to me, she is praying for me for Bashert (she also suggested I need a big fish.) And this is why I love my work with the seniors at the GJCC. They have my back, only want me to be happy, and have my best interest at heart.

Let’s just say, I’m exhausted from dating people I meet on apps, people I meet at friend’s holiday parties, people I meet from my work, and by “people I meet,” I mean men.

Let’s just say, I’d like to believe in men again. Men who are emotionally available, men who have their act together – mentally, physically, spiritually. Men who go to therapy and listen to their therapists, older men who know what they want and don’t play games, men who know how to be a mensch. After all, the word “mensch” starts with “men.” Come on, guys!

Let’s just say, I’m exhausted from the endless search, it’s caused me way too much stress and now I need a facelift.

Let’s just say the real face lift I want is being happy with or without a man.

Let’s just say, I’ve hit the dating wall.

Let’s just say, after my last few dating experiences….

I’m burning sage.


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