JFS: Heart of the Matter

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer!

As a social worker, it feels really special to work for an agency that has the time, compassion, and values to reach out into the community and be proactive about finding resources for families and individuals. We don’t just wait for people to show up for help- we find them too!

It is always a great experience to watch the community come together to collect school supplies, Hannukah gifts, and other items for our families. We are mindful about keeping our eyes and ears open during the year to see what needs may come up for families. We check in with synagogues and schools, and people in the community to make sure kids and families have what they need to be prepared to start back to school or whatever need that comes up!! It is so heartwarming to see people want to volunteer to help collect, organize, or distribute needed supplies to children.

If you are interested in school supplies, please give us a call!

Ashley Franklin


Ashley Franklin, LMSW is a licensed social worker with Jewish Family Service. You can reach Ashley at 615-354-1662.


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