Jewish Women’s Day to Provide a Reset and Connection







By Cara Suvall

Reconnecting. Reenergizing. Building community. These are the three main goals held by the group of women working to plan a community-wide Jewish Women’s Day event on Sunday, May 22nd. The event is designed to help women press their internal “reset” button and reconnect to each other and to their Jewish values.   

 This initiative was started by Pam Abromowitz, for whom this project is deeply personal, “It has been a dream of mine to work with other women in Nashville to create Jewish programming for women that inspires us to think more Jewishly,” she says. “About six years ago I started to dig deeper in myself to answer the question of why it is important that I am Jewish. I have attended wonderful women’s programming that inspired me to keep learning more about my Judaism, realizing that it’s different for everyone but that it's so important for each of us to find our own connection.”   

The Planning Committee represented women of diverse ages, backgrounds, and affiliation. The process itself reflected the goals of the group. The committee consists of: Aura Rosenblatt, Adele Berkon, Cara Suvall, Deena Prichard, Jessica Roth, Judy Abromowitz, Mindy Drongowski, Natalie Hochman, Pam Abromowitz, and Rachel Goodrich. The committee is already reaching out to all Nashville-area synagogues and many other groups and will also include unaffiliated Jewish women seeking the same connection. The hope is that this will spark future events across the community and bring more women together to plan and participate. 

 For the Jewish Women’s Day event, the dynamic and engaging Gevura Lauren Davis will be the featured speaker. Davis speaks all around the country to diverse groups of women looking to connect with their faith and their communities. She will share some teachings and facilitate discussions, over beautiful crafts, delicious food, and drink, and in great company. Davis is excited to bring her teachings and to be part of this event, “It’s amazing what can happen when a group of seemingly diverse women get together to learn and grow and commit to connecting with each other. Women can come from different religious, social backgrounds, different age kids…within a few minutes, suddenly they feel like total soul sisters! Women are so often giving to their families and it’s so important to remember that someone can only pour from a cup that’s full. When we invest in ourselves, it’s a gift for the whole family.”  

The event will be held from 1-3pm on Sunday, May 22, 2022, at Congregation Sherith Israel. To RSVP, please visit the following link: For more information, please email Pam at Childcare and other accommodations can be provided upon request so that all women are able to attend.  


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