Jewish Middle School Welcomes New Head of Judaic Studies

Daniel Hoffman welcomed as new Head of Judaic Studies at Jewish Middle School of Nashville 




With growing enrollment and interest in the Jewish Middle School of Nashville, JMS is excited to welcome Daniel Hoffman to the faculty as Assistant Head of School for Judaic Studies and Administration. 


JMS has become well known for its innovative approach to middle school education. An impactful partnership with the Peabody College at Vanderbilt has advanced JMS’s foundational idea that a classroom needs to provide diverse learning experiences according to student needs, rather than a set program. Hoffman’s vision for the Judaic Studies program at JMS builds on this philosophy.  


Hoffman began his teaching career at the Akiva School here in Nashville in 2010. He left Akiva to pursue a rabbinical degree at Yeshivat Chovevei Torah and then returned to the classroom as a teacher and spiritual mentor at the Oakland Hebrew Day School. Hoffman will work to build and develop the Judaic Studies program at JMS, with an acute focus on text study. Middle school is a time for personal exploration and growth, and Hoffman believes that Jewish texts can be an effective tool in allowing students to explore their own ideas. In a school as diverse as JMS, Hoffman maintains that studying texts creates a sense of a shared legacy and becomes a starting point for deeper conversations. 


JMS President Didi Biesman is excited to see Hoffman return to Nashville. She says, He brings with him an understanding of the Nashville community, and an appreciation for diversity both in the classroom, and in thought.” Biesman looks forward to seeing the JMS Judaic Studies program develop under Hoffman’s leadership, and believes, “Hbrings a passion for teaching and nurturing students through the middle school years which will help guide individual students to explore who they are and what their role is in today’s world.” 


Pam and Daniel Abromowitz, parents of two JMS students, share Biesman's optimism. “We are really looking forward to our children getting the opportunity to learn from someone who is not only so passionate about Judaism, but also well versed in bringing that passion to a school environment.” The Abromowitzes explain that one of the main reasons they love JMS is that it cultivates their children’s interest and love of Judaism, “beyond the Bar/Bat Mitzvah.” They believe Hoffman’s experience will be invaluable in connecting with middle school aged children. The Abromowitzes certainly speak for the entire JMS community when they say, “Daniel Hoffman will be a welcome addition to the already excellent JMS faculty.”  Hoffman and his wife Eliezah returned to Nashville in July, together with their two children. 



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