I Am Content


Writers of the Lost Ark will be holding a public showcase with the date to be determined later this summer. The topic will be peace and renewal in preparation for the High Holy Days. Please keep an eye on the site, www.thetemplehub.org, for more information. In the meantime, here is a poem inspired by the upcoming showcase theme.

I Am Content

By Nina Pacent

I am content to sit and listen to a book

Or walk in early fall with leaves crunching underfoot

I am content to drive in summer’s evening sun

My dogs in the back wondering where we will end up

I am content to see the frost pile on the sill

Looking out with my hands wrapped round a cup of tea with milk

I am content yet I am not at peace

These things you see are solitary that I only do for me

They shield me like a refuge

Keep me safe from the unknown

No, I am not at peace

I am merely alone.

© 2022 Nina Pacent


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