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As the Jewish nation prepares for what may shape up to be our second Hanukah in the CE, better known as the Covid Era, when some are meeting in person outdoors, some are meeting indoors, and some are still staying home, we turn to you, our dear readers to help us make this Hanukah the brightest one ever yet.

Hanukah is a celebration of Lights, a time to bring the light into our homes and lives. The world is experiencing a time of darkness, and this year more than ever we need to bring in the light. Due to COVID-19 Chabad of Nashville will be bringing that light, in various forms, to the homes of many throughout Nashville. Planning Hanukah in a year like 2021 is almost impossible, as we live in unpredictable times, and the guidelines for COVID-19 are unpredictable. Please check the Chabad of Nashville website for a most updated list of programs and events for Hanukah 2021 for the Nashville Jewish community

Hanukah Events Hosted by Chabad of Nashville:

  • In 2003 Chabad of Nashville erected the state’s tallest Menorah at the State Capitol, near the six Cedar trees planted in commemoration of the six million Jews who perished in the Holocaust. This 17-foot steel Capitol Menorah will stand on the corner of 6th and Charlotte and will be lit daily throughout the Festival of Hanukah. A special celebration with dignitaries, music and gifts will be held on one of the nights of Hanukah, and all are invited to participate in this event of Jewish pride.
  • During the weekdays of Hanukah there will be the lighting of the Metro Menorah at the Public Square with community leaders, in a socially distanced environment. Mayor Jon Cooper will join the lighting on Tuesday, November 30th at 4:00pm.
  • On Sunday, November 28, at 5:00 PM, Chabad of Nashville will be hosting “Donuts N’ Dreidels,” a Hanukah Celebration on the outdoor patio of Chabad of Nashville, with the lighting of a giant Menorah, music, a special surprise show for children, and prepackaged Hanukah gelt and dreidels for all participants.
  • Chabad of Nashville will also be hosting the Big Mesibah with social distancing, a Hanukah celebration for the Israeli community, that will include lots of Israeli spirit, Hanukah songs in Hebrew, and Sufganiyot. 
  • On Wednesday evening, December 1, at 7:00 PM, the Hanukah celebration will stretch from your homes to ours, as we all share the warm glow of the Hanukah candles, and their eternal message of miracles, hope, and the triumph of lights over darkness.
  • As part of this effort, Chabad of Nashville is inviting you to join your friends and family for a communal Hanukah Menorah lighting via zoom. Families and friends will all join virtually as they kindle the lights and sing songs, and celebrate the Festival of Lights with the Nashville Jewish community via Zoom.
  • During the week of Hanukah there will be several large public Menorah displays around Nashville, including local supermarkets, the Nashville airport and other public venues, to display Jewish pride. These Menorahs are being sponsored by Chabad of Nashville. Chabad will also be distributing free Hanukah kits that include a menorah, candles, a Dreidel, and a gift to all who need one. Feel free to come by the Chabad Center to pick one up.

For more information about any of the events, or to RSVP, please call 615-646-5750, or visit www.chabadnashville.com.


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